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Co-located Special Track on

Custom Sensor Solutions

When you are integrating sensors into your device or system, you will know that standard sensors often are not the optimal solution. The special track will allow sensor contract manufacturers to meet with engineers and buyers who need their services and expertise. From design and prototypes to production, finishing, and assemblies…get your tailor-made solutions at this place.

The special track is intended for sensor hardware/software engineers, sensor manufacturers, technology developers, labs, system integrators, manufacturing management, end-users, and personnel involved in outsourcing decisions for sensors and human-sensing solutions.

Suggested topics:

  • Custom sensor design and development.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Sensor modifications.
  • Custom sensor integration.
  • Testing and evaluation services.
  • Firmware and software solutions.
  • Consultancy for selection of materials and fabrication process.
  • Small batch production, mass production, and quality control.

Ready to submit a proposal?

Special topic track is part of the Forum and included within the main conference program. Thus, the same rules for submissions apply as for the main conference.

Please see the Submission Guidelines.

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