Berlin, Germany

Sensing what´s important.

The HCS Forum, International Forum on Human-Centered Sensing Technologies, brings developers, research institutions, manufacturers and end-users together to share and discuss the exciting advances in the human sensing technology landscape.

The Forum will cover topics ranging from developing novel sensors detecting and measuring human physiology, behavior and cognition to integrate sensors in human assistive and health care systems. Attendees represent the wearable sensors supply chain and adjacent industries. Companies and institutes in the wearable and biosensing ecosystem will give live technology demos, showcase their work, or run interactive stalls.

Vertical and Sector Focus

HCS Berlin 2024: International Forum on Human-Centered Sensing Technologies, features special topic track on Custom Sensor Solutions.


Human Sensing

  • Wearable sensors, sensor components, and accessories.
  • Sensors for human activity recognition (HAR) and movement analysis.
  • Human performance and cognition monitoring.
  • Sensor integration in rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Sensor fusion in assistive devices.
  • Deployment of body-worn sensors in the workplace.
  • Sensor data processing and analysis.

Custom Sensor Solutions

  • You have a project that needs a custom sensor or a novel sensing method and algorithm?
  • Do you often look at the existing market solutions and wonder why they don't meet your individual requirements?
  • Need a flexible business model for project solutions without Compromises?

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