Berlin, Germany

Sensing what´s important.

The HCS Forum, International Forum on Human-Centered Sensing Technologies, bring developers and research institutions, manufacturers and users together to advance novel human-centered hardware and software sensor systems. The Forum will cover topics ranging from developing novel sensors detecting and measuring human physiology, behavior and cognition to integrate sensors in human assistive and health care systems. The mission is to create a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, share the latest research, and learn about the advances in human sensing science and engineering.

Vertical and Sector Focus

HCS Berlin 2024: International Forum on Human-Centered Sensing Technologies, features Special Topic Track on Sensor-Based Rehabilitation.


Sensors & Technology

  • Wearable sensing electronics.
  • Sensor-based human activity recognition and interaction.
  • Human performance and energy measuring.
  • Sensor fusion in assistive devices.
  • Integration of wearable and ambient sensors.
  • Sensor data processing, data analysis, and communication.
  • Custom sensor design and development.
  • Sensor materials, fabrication, and packaging.

Sensor-Based Rehabilitation

  • Explore the intersection of sensor technology and rehabilitation.
  • Deployment of wearable sensors in the context of concrete clinical applications.

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